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Nothing warms our hearts as much as our loyal & enthusiastic supporters.

As a show of gratitude, we are going to create additional content to our Seal Holders.

Seal Holder


Become a Seal Holder

  • Back any of our crowdfunding campaigns

How to obtain your Seal Holder reward?

  • Look up our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

  • Make sure you’ve become a Seal Holder before the current campaign.

  • If you like the campaign, back it.

  • You’re going to receive your Seal Holder reward automatically, along with the content that comes with your pledge.

The path of a Seal Holder and its rules

  • To become a Seal Holder, you must back any of our crowdfunding campaigns.

  • You will be a Seal Holder until you unsubscribe from our newsletter.

  • To receive your Seal Holder reward, you must pick one of the pledge levels with a physical reward (P&P and €1 pledges don't count, but some crowdfunding campaigns might have the P&P version of the Seal Holder reward).

  • You need to use a single email address when pledging for us to be able to recognize you as a Seal Holder because we use the email address to identify Seal Holders.

  • Unless said otherwise, each Seal Holder is eligible for one Seal Holder reward per campaign.

  • Please note that backing an unsuccessful campaign doesn’t count.

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