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This is the space to introduce the Product section. Showcase the types of products available and underline any important or unique features.

Lead your team of champions to victory in a unique solo print and play board game!

Grant them the energy to fight and use their powers. They will rely on your mana pool and your command decisions to battle against fearless opponents.

Age of Ereshkigal


Control monsters to steal candies!

In Kingdom's Candy: Monsters, you are a villain eager to accumulate candies. You use monsters as servants to help you in your mission, but if you don't feed your monsters, they will eat your candies! Use sugar cubes to cast spells and activate monster abilities.

Kingdom's Candy: Monsters

Rune is a fast-paced card placement and area control game where you'll try to summon Zemilio from another world. On their turns, players place cards from their hand to link runes of the same type.  A player can then place a rune master  control an area with runes of the same colour. 


In Black Dragon’s Guild, you take on the role of an aspiring guild master. Carefully select your comrades, grab the most profitable missions and complete them with your party to increase your Reputation. Choose the path to become the new guild master.

Blach Dragon's Guild


An epic adventure in a feudal dark fantasy setting with horror elements compatible with D&D 5th edition.

The Mallacht is prey to plagues and devastation caused by the scourges. The remaining hopes are entrusted to the bearers, the only ones capable of harnessing the power of the seals. 

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