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“Once there only The Grey. Endless mist, shapeless, and timeless. Balanced.

A harmony which permeated through all corners of an endless void, regular and ordered, The Grey endured. But order never lasts. The great divide, a schism, ripped through The Regularity. The Grey was torn asunder, and out of the mists stepped Zemilio followed by space and time…”


- Extract from the Alterum Mundos by Esarhaddon the Vagrant.

Erplore new worlds

An epic feudal dark fantasy setting with horror elements compatible with D&D 5th edition.


Coming Soon

The great faith has been lost. The Mallacht is prey to plagues and devastation caused by the scourges. The remaining hopes are entrusted to the bearers, the only ones capable of harnessing the power of the seals. But such enormous power comes at an equally great cost.

Mallacht curse

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More Games

Rune is a fast-paced card placement where you try to summon Zemilio from another world.

Kingdom's Candy: Monsters is an engine-building game where you control monsters to accumulate candies.

In Black Dragon’s Guild, you take on the role of an adventurer aspiring to be the next guild master.

We consider very precious the pleasure of sharing pleasant moments with family and friends around a good game. Because of this, we built a dedicated team to create and test wonderful board games and role-playing games.

About us

Games and Art

Board games are all about human interactions and can be considered a work of art.

We are working with talented artists to enhance the experience and immerse the players in the game.

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