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Zemilio was born a long time ago in Azeroth. He then decided to change his path and he went to explore new universes. During his journey, he became more and more powerful until, one day, decided to create his own universe. So he created the Multiverse.


“Once there only The Grey. Endless mist, shapeless, and timeless. Balanced. A harmony which permeated through all corners of an endless void, regular and ordered, The Grey endured. But order never lasts. The great divide, a schism, ripped through The Regularity. The Grey was torn asunder, and out of the mists stepped Eres and Concord followed by space and time…”


- Extract from the Alterum Mundos by Esarhaddon the Vagrant.




Zemilio Entertainment was funded to create board games to bring players in new fantastic worlds!

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